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734 Bart Earle Way #104, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Adam Winge started his Escrow career in the Silver Spur Branch of Peninsula Escrow as the receptionist in 2003. He trained under excellent mentors and has risen to Escrow Officer and Manager of the same location. He is professional, personable, considerate and knowledgeable. He is known to calm high tension transactions and befriend even the most contrary clients and vendors to make difficult transactions feel smooth and simple. He has a broad range of knowledge and experiences to pull from and can confidently assist you in almost any situation. He is accessible, responsive and happy to get to know you, your clients, and your team. Come get to know your escrow officer Adam Winge in our Silver Spur office today. You can reach Adam and his team with one email at SSTeam@PenEscrow.com.

Adam Winge

Contact Information

Phone: 310.541.9664

Fax: 310.544.1936

Adam's Team

Anne Carreiro

Escrow Officer Phone: 310.541.9664 ext. 212 Email: Anne@penescrow.com

Lisa Lang

Escrow Assistant
Phone: 310.541.9664 ext. 204
Email: lisal@penescrow.com

Matt Pages

Phone: 310.541.9664 ext. 300
Email: mpages@penescrow.com

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The Escrow Professionals at Peninsula Escrow are ready to assist you and a great place to start is your local branch. Check the about us page and find the escrow officer, at a location you want to work with, and reach out today.

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John Zimmer Broker/Realtor/Lender

Service, service, service…..Solutions, solutions, solutions. I’ve worked with Peninsula Escrow for decades. He is always willing to go the extra yard and burn the late night candle when needed to get things DONE. Excellent escrow company with vast knowledge and great service.

Ethan H.

Thanks for everything Peninsula Escrow. You did an amazing job and made the whole process so much easier for me. I really appreciate it.

Gloria Y.

You are one of the best Escrow Offices I have ever dealt with …. Thank you.

Grant Nakaoka Nakaoka Real Estate

I truly appreciate your efforts and time in closing this escrow. Your service was excellent!

Pastor A.

Dear Peninsula Escrow, I wanted to write this note to thank you for helping our Church secure the loan transaction. Your professional efforts, patience, and diligence is very much appreciated.

Becky Poe-Anderson RE/MAX Estate Properties

Peninsula Escrow, you always get my business and the best and hardest working escrow officers out there.

Craig Marson First Team Real Estate

Thanks again for your fantastic work on this file, it was very enjoyable working with you. And I could actually get you on the phone when needed, this is unusual in the current market.

Cheryl S.

Not sure we ever thanked you for your awesome work on this escrow for —. Thank you very much.

Maureen S

As you know within the past 12 months I have sold 2 properties and used you (Peninsula Escrow for both and was so blessed with how easily and smoothly both contracts flowed. I actually forgot that my last property had a glitch, which your team was most helpful in getting things properly communicated in a timely manner so as to keep the closing on track. You and your staff were so kind and thoughtful that I forgot about that problem (which if not corrected could have voided the sale). As we have discussed, pending the market conditions, I’ll hopefully be calling you to handle one more California property for me within the year.